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Staging Atmospheres

Staging Atmosphere



Date: 8-9 December 2017

Time: 09.15-5.45 each day

Staging Atmospheres presents an interdisciplinary interrogation of the place of theatre in the understanding of ‘atmosphere’. Within the current interdisciplinary atmospheric turn, theatre has presented itself as an heuristic paradigm in which the social, material and political elements of atmosphere are thought to resonate – albeit in an idealised manner. how stable is this paradigm as it departs from the specificities and exigencies of theatrical practice? What might the extended mode and model of ‘performance’ with which theatre studies has conducted a sustained enquiry over more than half a century, add to other disciplinary studies of ‘atmosphere’? The questions of how and where atmosphere inheres, and what generates, informs and influences it within performance situations, have not yet been consistently addressed. This conference presents the opportunity to tackle both the abstract and paradigmatic as well as the concrete and specific in order to produce more profound understandings of the operation and significance of ‘atmosphere’ both within and without the theatre.



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Location: Senate House (8th December), Arts 1 QMUL (9th December)

For any queries e-mail m.welton@qmul.ac.uk